Pollux Ibis is web-based software for analyzing advanced data on sample Panels. IBIS is a tool used in controlling Panel quality and household member’s sample data. IBIS is a user-friendly, flexible and customizable interface that serves the needs of control of data quality with variety of analysis reports.

The prominent feature of the Ibis is notifying Panel’s daily KPIs:

  • Total Installed: the total number of household being installed
  • Off Directory: Households do not receive data
  • Not to Produce: Households receive data but not production
  • Not Polled: Households do not send data
  • HHs polled: Households send data
  • Rejected/ Discarded HHs: Household disqualified after data purification
  • Intab: Households have quality data

For customers using data from VIETNAM-TAM, data quality reports will be extracted daily for monitoring to determine the Panel stability according to the committed quality indicators.

Intab rate >= 90%: data is provided normally

Intab rate <90%: if there is no requests, data will be not provided