People Meter

Measuring TV audiences requires state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise and accurate data is collected from the TAM panel homes, easily and effectively.

Increasing numbers of channels, multiple broadcasting platforms, increased number of TV sets and remote controls per family have lead to a more complex TV environment.

Within this dynamic environment, peoplemeters have proved themselves capable of measuring audiences with a degree of accuracy and detail, which surpasses previous alternative measurement systems.

VIETNAM-TAM uses UNITAM people meter, incorporating the latest technology, capable of measuring any type of broadcasting; including digital and analogue, free to air, cable and satellite, and time shift viewing. The people meters are installed on every TV set in the panel home. Each meter is capable of accurately monitoring, every second, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, what is being viewed on each TV set, by whom, and of storing this data. The person, who is watching TV, registers itself by pushing the button (the number related) on the remote control. One meter in each home is then enabled to transmit all the stored data to the VIETNAM-TAM Data Collecting Center (UNITAM) daily from 2h00 to 6h00 by GPRS or 3G.

People Meter has 3 parts:

pm master

  Central processor:

- Recording TV viewing of household as on/off TV,…

- Storing, encoding and sending TV viewing’s data to Data Collecting Center (UNITAM)

pm display


  • - Getting the interactions with Household by notifying household member who is watching the television whenever Television is turned on or off.

- Being a clock displaying date and time whether the television is turned off.

Remote control

pm remote

- Being used for household member to log in or out when he/she watches TV based on the 

keys (1 – 10) assig

ned to each member.

- Being comfortable for visitors when they want to log in TV in your house. In addition, guests need to register information about gender and age.


People Meter has these following advantages:

  • Accuracy in TV viewing behaviors of household members.
  • Fully automatic and
  • Data will be recorded in each second and aggregated daily.
  • Being compatible with all type of TV and TV infrastructure technologies (terestrial, satellite, cable, IPTV,…)
  • Being simple, easy for using.