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POLLUX is the heart of the VIETNAM-TAM system, controlling the fundamental process of consolidating, validating and analyzing the household viewing data. The output is an audience database - individual by individual (unidentified) minute-by-minute, 365 days of the year.

The software functions cover all the main activities, namely the recruitment and the management of the households, the data transmission from the peoplemeters, the data validation, expansion and production, as well as the database generation for the application software.

POLLUX manages the database of the households where the peoplemeter has been set up. Each household and its members are identified by a code to which all the social-demographic features are assigned. Overnight the production software “POLLUX” pulls out from the database, all households to be polled and then downloads the statements fueled by the peoplemeters. Once all homes have been called and the data is downloaded, Pollux validates the data, by applying internationally accepted validation parameters and rules. This database of validated data is then produced, using the rim weighting method for the calculation of individual weights, and finally creating a minute-by-minute database of television consumption, representative of the universe.

This audience database is then merged with the database of TV Events and delivered daily to clients by 12am.

The Pollux system has following main functions:

  • Synchronizing data collected from People Meter device and matching the demographic parameters for each household in the sample Panels.
  • Refining collected data through these regulations that have been established basing on measurement standards.
  • Assigning weight to data
  • Synthesizing daily audience data reports and exporting audience data to the ARIANNA Data Analysis.
  • Operating automatically to minimize the impact or manipulation of human.

The Advantages of the Pollux system:

  • Minimizing the manual operations from operators.
  • Being applied regulations which relies on the measurement of television audiences – GGTAM
  • Reporting the quality of multi-dimentional data
  • Being easy in data retrieval for verification and validation
  • Being able to support the production and management of other index measurement product.