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VIETNAM-TAM data is not comprised only of individual television viewing data, but also of a database of TV Events. While the TAM data produced, using Pollux, from the information collected by the peoplemeter, provides individual-by-individual, minute-by-minute audience data, it does not associate this viewing with particular television events - programs. 

TV Events is a system which collects, stores and distributes signals of the Channels in the form of data to perform these tasks:

  • Converting TV signals to standard TV data.
  • Collecting television data.
  • Adding price for TVC.
  • Transferring data to other system.

To perform these tasks, TV Events system is separated into 2 parts:

  • Grabbers: A server system, which is directly connected to the source of TV Station, performs to gather television channel signals from various infrastructures and converting them into standard data for collecting program data, TVC ...
  • MediaPad: A software, which supports fully functions of collecting TV data with high accuracy. MediaPad includes 3 main functions:
    • TV DE (Data Entry): It is a function to help user record TV activities including following events:
      • Program
      • Break
      • Spot
      • Sponsor
      • Promo
      • CSA
      • Billboard
      • Self – Introduction
    • TV ASR (Audio Spot Recognition): It is function to automatic recognize TVC by data collected in the previous days.
    • Rating Attribute: Adding price for TVC.

Data extracted by TV Events will be transferred to the ARIANNA.
The data are collected and classified according to the Program Typology and Product Typology.