UNITAM is a dedicated software block which carry out collecting the data of households and reference channel data from TV Stations in order to determine accurately the TV activities of households:


  • Which channel are they watching?
  • Which daypart do they watch?
  • Which member of the household watched television?

UNITAM uses Audio Matching technology for channel identification, which is the preeminent technology applied popularly in the world.


Audio Matching: The technology identifies TV channels by audio. It compares the encrypted signal which is collected at household (called Signature) to the encrypted audio of TV channel (called Reference). These two source signals are simultaneously collected and sent to the data processing center (UNITAM) for scanning and comparing. When there is a match between these source data, the data processing system determine accurately the TV channel that the Household viewed.

  • Completely utilized on IP technology, from the Data Collection Block to the collection of sample channels to ensure stability and reliability;
  • Easy to operate and exploit;
  • An open system that allows connecting to quantitative data processing software for reporting after having raw data from UNITAM.

UNITAM includes the following blocks:

  • Data Collection from Households: Gathering information about viewed channel, viewer, TV viewed time of household, and status data of the device.
  • Reference Collection Channel: A collection of sample channel list data which are measured from the TV Station.
  • Data processing unit: Once the data from the household is available, the UNITAM data processing unit will make a comparison, channel identification, and TV viewed time from households.
  • Supervision Unit: The supervisor checks on the accuracy of the data after processing and also monitors the operating status of the equipment.